Plumb a Drain on Your Own

If you plan on installing drainpipes for a sink, you should be starting with an opening that receives the drainpipes. That is pretty much home plumbing explained. Said opening is called the sanitary or the drain pipe tea. In order to plumb the sink drain, you need to purchase the following: A small segment of PVC pipe that will fit into the drain pipe tea, this is called the stub out. Also purchase a Marvel connector, a Petrarch kit and a tailpiece extension. The unions of certain segments will have beveled washers and nut to tighten the unions.

All of these are included in the track kit. Gather the pieces and assemble them without gluing or tightening, do this in order to make sure they will all fit, starting with a dream T in the wall. Fit the PVC segment into place, creating the stub out. Finish the stub out by adding the Marvel Connector to the end. Then prepare the trap arm that came with a trap kid, slide one of the nuts with a thread facing the down end and then slide another net on with the threads facing the opposite end.

Now at a washer, making sure the taper is toward the end. Then fit into the Marvel Connector loosely without tightening the knot. Next, attach the Petrarch to the trap arm. Loosely thread these connections into place. Taken with the threats facing down, slided up the tailpiece on the sink drain while holding the nut in the place, choose the proper size washer and slide it onto the tailpiece of the sink, make sure the taper is facing down. Now take the tailpiece extension and slide a note on with the threads facing the end. It’s very similar to repairing a leaky kitchen faucet.

Now at a washer and again, make sure the taper is towards the end. Now, move the peace trap aside and slide the tailpiece extension over the sink tailpiece in this manner. Then Loosley secure in place. Finally, connect the bottom of the tailpiece extension to the track, inspect the fit of each piece to make sure that no modifications should be done, in some cases, the TAILPIECE extension needs to be cut to size as well as the trap arm.

In this situation, the pieces all fit perfect. They can now be disassembled and permanently attached, obtain PVC cement and apply it to the inside of the drain to your opening. Do the same to the end of the stub out pipe, assemble into place and give a quarter turn to spread the cement. Repeat this process with the inside of the marble connector and the outside end of the stub out. Reassemble everything else is shown before only this time wrap the threads with Teflon tape.

It only takes a few wraps around the threads. Just enough to give it a solid seal when turning the nuts hang tight in each nut until snoke. Once wrapped and connected tight in each union, using channel lock pliers do not over tighten, you can ruin the threads. If the water lines are connected, turn the water on, fill the sink and drain while watching for leaks, repeat this test several times. Once satisfied that the connections are sealed, the same can now be used. For more information on plumbing, and if you ever need professional plumbing services, call us at Palm Desert Plumbers.