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Professional Water Heater Repair and Replacement in Palm Desert

As the best plumbing company in Palm Desert, we are in business to meet all your water heater repairs and replacement needs. We charge you once for the quality services we offer and will never bug you with hidden charges and commissions. We will give you the cost of the water heater services you require upfront. Whether you are in need of a water heater replacement or repair for your gas or electric water heater, we are here to give you the best quality services.

Our employees are among the most experienced you can find in the whole of Palm Desert. They are uniformed, licensed and experienced in the delivery of professional water heater repairs and replacement services. They are also versed in the area of installing new water heating systems to meet your commercial and residential water heating needs. We are known to provide very fast and efficient water heater installation and water heater repair services in Palm Desert and its environs.

Our team of experts will help you diagnose the problem with your water heater and provide the right repairs without much fuss. We have every tool required to fix your water heater right away in our well-equipped vehicles. When it comes to responding to emergencies, we are the most reliable plumbing company in Palm Desert. We have served several homeowners and businesses in Palm Desert for so long and so well that they run to us whenever there are any issues with their water heaters. We pride ourselves on delivering fast and efficient services with a rare touch of professionalism. We will always carry out the task of repairing or replacing your faulty water heater with a touch of perfection to keep you satisfied at the end of the day. Our major concern is to provide you the most satisfactory water heater installation, repairs, and replacements whenever you hire us to give you a professional service.

Water Heater Installation

When it comes to installing your home and office water heaters, we are the best hands in Palm Desert. Home water heaters sizes often range between 30-100 gallon tank capacities while commercial water heaters are always larger in size and capacity. Whichever one you want to install or repair, we will help you do a perfect job. Our team of professionals will walk you through the entire process to choose the most appropriate water heating system for your hot water needs in terms of size and capacity.

Affordable Tankless Water Heater Installation

Your water heater is no doubt the second highest contributor to your high utility bills at home. If your water heater is an electric water heater of about 50-gallon capacity, you will spend around $520 every year on bills accruing from your water heater use. These tank water heater models make you spend hundreds of dollars yearly when you make use of them. Fortunately, tankless water heaters are better alternatives. These tankless water heaters have been in use in Japan and some parts of Europe for a couple of decades now. The trick here is that your tankless water heater will only heat your water when there is a need for hot water. With the right level of care and maintenance, tankless water heaters last longer and perform better than conventional water heaters.

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Services We Offer

We provide a wide range of services like drain/sewer cleaning, pipe leak repairs, gas line repairs, toilet repairs and installations, water heater repairs and replacements, faucet and garbage disposal, fixture repairs and replacements, etc. To learn more about the services we offer and to get a free estimate, you can check out our services below:

We identify the cause of the leak and ensure that the problem is fixed immediately. Not only that, no matter the type of repair you need for your Palm Desert home we will provide you the best possible professional service.

We are licensed and experienced in water heater repair job. We are just a phone call away from serving residential houses and businesses. Schedule a meeting or a call for free estimates.


We are committed to fixing any leak before it worsens and causes more serious problems. If you are looking for a professional leak detection service, we are the best Plumber in Palm Desert, California


Every job we do on your toilet facilities is carried out by licensed and qualified people in Palm Desert. When you need us for any toilet related emergency service. Our technicians will pay your house a prompt visit to repair the issues as soon as possible.

Ask us how we may be of help to you. As soon as we get your request for a free quote, we will make sure we respond within a few hours and send down our team to you for inspection and immediate repairs. We deliver same day repairs most of the time and ensure the job does not take more than a couple of hours no matter how complex the job is.

20+ Years Servicing the Coachella Valley

Some Common Water Heater Problems We Handle

  • Water leaks from pressure and temperature relief valves, from the tank or from plumbing connections. We offer all types of plumbing services and have the license and required qualification to handle leak detection and repairs anywhere they occur in your home or commercial building.
  • Corrosion can make your water system produce unhealthy rust-colored water. We help you get rid of the rust and take calculated steps to prevent future corrosion.
  • The presence of bacteria in your water tank can produce foul odors in your hot water. We can help you get rid of all bacteria and prevent future infestation.
  • Excessive sediments and deposits at the bottom of your tank or scales coming off from different parts of your water tank. These sediment buildups can give rise to popping and rumbling noises. We will help you solve all these problems when you engage us.

Experienced Palm Desert Plumbers

Need Quality Dependable Plumbing Services?

One of our core beliefs as the most experienced Palm Desert plumber is that experience and trust go hand-in-hand. We won’t be able to gain your trust if we lack the needed experience to deliver the quality of the plumbing services you desire. This is why we send our technicians on refreshers courses every now and then to make sure they are abreast of modern techniques and advancements in the plumbing industry. All our plumbers are qualified and certified to provide the services we offer. We want to make sure you get the exact services you paid for and much more when you hire us to handle your plumbing services.

Gas Water Heater REpair

If you no longer get hot water from your water heater, check your pilot light to see if it stays lit. You have a faulty pilot light if it fails to stay lit. There could also be a faulty thermocouple or damaged control valve. If the hot water you get is not enough, you could be dealing with a damaged dip tube, a poorly adjusted burner, a blocked flue, or a bad thermostat. We take extra precautions when handling DHW heaters to prevent explosions from leaking gases and carbon monoxide hazards from burner flue and exhaust problems.

Electric Water Heater Repair

A faulty fuse or circuit breaker could be the reason why you have no hot water. If the problem isn’t from your fuse or circuit breaker, check to see if you have a failed thermostat or a burnt-out major heating element. We check all parts of your water heating system to detect where the problem is before fixing the problem.

No matter the problem with your water heater, we can always bring solutions to them to keep your home adequately supplied with water heater and keep your utility bills low.


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